A Birthday Party with Douglas Wood and Old Turtle image

A Birthday Party with Douglas Wood and Old Turtle

A benefit on S&P’s birthday for our Redesign Fund – Replay and transcript are available now with donation.


Bring yourself and the children in your life to a celebration of our birthday with children's book author Douglas Wood!

Douglas Wood is a renaissance man. Not only does he write books for children and adults, he is an artist, musician, naturalist, and wilderness guide. What remains constant, no matter what his form of expression, is his voice — a voice that resonates with heart. It is a heart sound so pure and potent that it makes children and grown people alike laugh, cry, and open their eyes with new understanding.

Ever since we first read Douglas's bestselling classic Old Turtle, we have been in awe of his ability to touch us in the deepest places through deceptively simple stories that defy categorization. It is one of our favorite children's books. So we were delighted when we discovered that Douglas often does school and community programs where he reads Old Turtle, plays the 12-string guitar and mandolin, and sings. He even has a special "Happy Birthday" song.

Douglas has graciously offered to help us raise money for the fund to redesign SpiritualityandPractice.com this year. All birthday donations will help us:

  • update our look and features for our worldwide audience;
  • add a robust “Wisdom Room” with videos of practice instructions, interviews, readings, meditations, and more;
  • create multiple ways for you to identify the content you need and save it;
  • develop an app for quick access to your preferred practices and resources;
  • and illustrate more ways that all of our activities can be spiritual practices through Spiritual Literacy and resources for spiritual journeys.

We would not be able to provide what we do without the help and support of our community! We are truly grateful to all of our donors. Thank you!