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Help grow a world where reverence, connection, and the common good are nourished by Spiritual Wisdom and the practice of Spiritual Literacy.


Serving our community together

2022 marks our 16th anniversary and the continuation of our “Connecting Through Spiritual Practice Campaign.” This year we have to make important updates and upgrades to our website and software, and we are taking advantage of this opportunity to make improvements in how we serve our community and share spiritual practices together.

Your contribution will help expand our team, reach diverse audiences, complete necessary upgrades, and begin innovations on our website to make the transformative power and practice of Spiritual Literacy available to people all over the world. Please make a donation today and help keep our incredible website and its thousands of pages of resources, readings, practices, and reviews well cared for and available to all.

In light of this special moment in our history, we are undertaking a substantial capital campaign "Connecting through Spiritual Practice." Funds raised will cover:

  • a redesign of the website (with a critically needed software upgrade);
  • addition of new features so we can offer more video-based practices (increasing the ways we can connect live and as a community);
  • expansion of our team to cover new programs and initiatives;
  • and additional outreach to a variety of audiences.

We trust in the abundance of our universe, the gratefulness of our community, and the importance of our mission. Please make a gift to S&P today and be part of our work to build connections around the world through spiritual practice.