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Donate to Spirituality & Practice for Giving Tuesday!

This year we are inviting 1000 of our visitors and followers to each donate $100 or more to support our content, programs, and mission. Scroll down to read more about our 1000 x 100 challenge and what it could mean for you and our world.


Together We Can Foster a World of Reverence and Belonging

15 Years and More

2021 marks Spirituality & Practice's 15th anniversary of collecting, curating, and creating spiritual content to support people around the world on the journey towards a life of meaning, connection, and peace. It has been an incredible experience, and we are grateful for each reader, student, donor, and friend. We are now looking forward to the next 15 years.

Over the years many of our followers and program participants have shared that they feel our spiritual perspectives and tools are needed more and more in a world that feels increasingly divided. Spirituality & Practice has always been a safe harbor for seekers in times of uncertainty and distress. Whether during the events of 9/11, the global pandemic, or the social and political unrest of recent elections, people have turned to their spiritual lives for strength. Millions of you have found free, enriching, and uplifting practices and resources at S&P to help you cope and discover deeper meaning in what is happening in our world.

What The World Needs Now

At the heart of our countless pages of reviews, practices, quotes, profiles, blogs, and reflections on culture and Spirit is a dedication to sharing Spiritual Literacy around the world. Spiritual Literacy is the ability to find wisdom and a sense of connection to the sacred in everyday relationships and experiences. It is about fostering qualities of heart and mind that uplift our world and our lives, expanding our capacity for service by growing our sense of reverence, deep connection, dignity, and belonging.

So many of us agree that a spiritually rooted way of being is essential for the healing of our culture, communities, and relationship to the natural world.

In our next stages of growth, as we tend to important software revisions behind our site, we are also moving in new directions to share the power of spiritual growth for positive change. Beginning with two new Spiritual Literacy Certificate Programs and moving towards centers for Spiritual Literacy study and application around the world, now is the time for each and all of us to step forward and offer the best we can for our common future.

How You Help Change Lives

This year we are asking that 1000 of our millions of visitors and tens of thousands of followers to generously give $100 each on or before "Giving Tuesday" November 30, 2021.

1000 people giving $100 each will help us finish this year financially strong and ready to upgrade the website and reach new communities in 2022.

As our financial partners, you will be bringing attention, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, hospitality, openness, transformation, vision, wonder, and more spiritual practices into your home, community, workplace, and the larger world.

Please consider the importance of what we can build together.

Join our call to 1000 and donate $100 today, or whatever feels like the most generous gift you can afford.